The 2023 Hot List

Who Were the Market Stars of '22 We Can Expect to See More of in '23?

Based on the 2022 data, we identified the trends to watch in 2023: strong demand for artists who are women; revivals of forgotten or undervalued artists; big names gaining value; naive painters, surrealists and their contemporary admirers; as well as demand for a wide range of quirky Asian artists and historical Asian painters.
Gleaner Odalisque

FUTURES: The Broom Boom

Emily Mae Smith rose as one of the stars of the 2021 season. A female artist, a figurative painter, and a contemporary Surrealist memorably skewering identity and gender, Smith was both a fresh take and fit the mold for market interest.

The Return of Belkis Ayón

Last week’s Latin American Art sale at Christie’s in New York achieved a new record sale for recently “rediscovered” artist Belkis Ayón.
Lot 4. Gertrude Abercrombie, Solitude, 1942. Estimate $120,000- $180,000

Good Karma for Gertrude Abercrombie

At the end of this month, Hindman will present a dedicated sale of the work of Gertrude Abercrombie. With 21 works included in the sale, Hindman is betting that Abercrombie’s market will float, not flood.

Bonhams to Sell $500k Lynne Drexler

If you had told anyone six months ago that a painting by Lynne Drexler would be offered at auction in Los Angeles with a low estimate of $500,000, the response would have been laughter. But this week Bonhams announced it would be offering Grass Symphony from 1962 at its Los Angeles sale on September 14th with a $500,000 low estimate.

70 Years of Generative Art at Phillips

While “generative art” has come to be associated with the world of web3, the term dates back to a 1965 exhibition of work by Georg Nees, an academic, and Frieder Nake, a mathematician. Phillips’ online sale Ex-Machina: A History of Generative Art, spans beyond the existence of the phrase. The sale runs through July 20th, 2022.